Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Leaving the CREC, Part 3

We said we'd explore why we thought the CREC had so many issues with abuse.  However, we've come to realize that we just aren't qualified to really, fully analyze that.  We do believe we have some pretty solid ideas, but we also aren't prepared for the kind of backlash that posting those could potentially bring.  Especially in light of the fact that there are many, many people in the CREC who we truly love.

Therefore, at this point, we are happy to be listening ears for those who need someone to talk to regarding their CREC experiences.  We know the pain is real.  We've experienced it.  We're also thankful to be in a place of hope and healing now.  We're thankful that God has delivered us into a church community that is full of grace and compassion and gospel love.  We'd love nothing more than the ability to extend that love to others who need it.

So here we stand.  We've been broken by our experiences, and forever changed.  We aren't fully healed yet.  Some things send me into almost PTSD type states.  However, slowly but surely we are being shown that Christ's love doesn't look the way we thought it did.  It is glorious, and we are made new in that revelation.

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